AgriTec is a highly effective algaecide and bactericide.*

AgriTec controls algae and bacteria in drip, tape and micro irrigation systems as well as reservoirs and canals.

  • Kills cyanobacteria and blue-green algae
  • Spreads throughout water from single application point
  • Effective in challenging water conditions like high pH
  • Not dissipated by sunlight, activated on biological demand
  • No pre-mixing or agitation required
  • No re-entry restrictions after application.
  • EPA registered
  • NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60
  • *Nonpublic Health Bactericide

AgriTec is for use in irrigation, fish production and other agriculture and aquaculture applications. It is so highly concentrated and effective that only a low application rate is necessary. This prevents metal build-up and phytotoxicity issues. It is less likely to stain equipment or plants than traditional copper products. The unique dispersion qualities of this liquid copper formula get the copper where it is needed most. It goes instantly into solution and stays there, preventing overtreatment.

AgriTec is an EPA Registered algaecide and bactericide for use in agriculture and aquaculture.

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