Controlling Nuisance Snails Easier with Newly Approved Solution

Four southern states recently approved a solution for controlling nuisance snails that clog irrigation pipes and host harmful parasites.

Bentonville, Arkansas, March 28, 2019 – Four southern states have approved a solution for controlling nuisance snails. The advanced, copper-based solution kills snails that clog irrigation pipes and host harmful parasites. The approvals by Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Texas spell relief for several hard-hit industries in the South.

Catfish farmers in Alabama and Arkansas have suffered especially heavy losses. Aquatic ramshorn snails host a flatworm that infects catfish after spending part of its lifecycle in the snails. The infection can kill smaller catfish and weaken larger catfish, making them unsuitable to market. AgriTec protects catfish by killing the snails and interrupting the lifecycle of the parasite.

Florida and Texas are especially vulnerable to nuisance snails in irrigation systems on farms and golf courses. Species such as the tiny Malayan snail breed in such large numbers that they quickly clog irrigation pipes. Clearing such infestations is time consuming and labor intensive. The approval of AgriTec gives growers and golf course superintendents a powerful new tool.

“Copper is highly effective against snails,” said ESL Senior Scientist, David Hammond. “With these approvals we can feed AgriTec directly into pipelines and ponds at precise rates. Dosages as low as 1–3 parts per million will control snails without harming fish or leaving excess copper in the environment.”

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. manufactures AgriTec for use in agricultural water systems such as irrigation and commercial aquaculture. AgriTec is EPA approved and OMRI® listed for organic use. Visit for more information.