Every July, we here at ESL enjoy celebrating Lakes Appreciation Month, a time to value the natural resources that bring us beauty, recreation, and joy. Hosted by the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), Lakes Appreciation Month aims to raise awareness about the significance of lakes, promote conservation, and encourage everyone to enjoy these watery wonders.

Lakes are not just bodies of water; they are places to relax and play, they provide vital drinking water to local communities, and are the home of vibrant ecosystems teeming with life. Lake habitats contain a diverse array of plants, animals, and aquatic organisms. They support complex food chains and biodiversity. Lakes contribute to the well-being and sustenance of both humans and wildlife.

Conservation and awareness are important goals of Lakes Appreciation Month. Stressors like human traffic, invasive species, and climate change endanger the quality and continued health of lakes.  We can all help by spreading awareness and educating friends and family on how to respect and enjoy them properly.

Join ESL in celebrating Lakes Appreciation Month this July by diving deeper into the wonders of lakes and learning about their ecological, cultural, and recreational significance. We’ll be sharing fun interactive activities and helpful information to spread our appreciation all month long. Keep an eye on our pages to find ways to participate and ideas for how you can enjoy your local lakes!