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Pool and spa industry veteran added to NESPA Board

The Penn-Jersey Chapter of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA) has added pool and spa industry veteran, Rebecca Thompson, as a member of their board. Thompson was confirmed on February 11 during the most recent board meeting and . . .

Zebra mussel control a hot topic in Alabama and Mississippi

The Mississippi River is a zebra mussel highway. The mighty river has carried the invasive mussels from the Great Lakes to the Gulf states. Its tributaries have brought zebra mussels east and west. This month, water treatment experts from two southern states will learn how to stop the tiny invaders.

Quagga mussel eradication confirmed in historic Pennsylvania lake

Quagga mussel eradication confirmed in historic Pennsylvania lake

Recent test results show no evidence of invasive mussels in the historic Billmeyer Quarry near Bainbridge, Pennsylvania. The results offer renewed hope that a recent quagga mussel eradication project was successful. If the quagga mussel population fails to rebound . . .

Black algae product test results surprise

Rudy Stankowitz has a mission. He wants to help pool operators defeat black algae – and he may have found a way to do it. Stankowitz recently ran a real-world experiment to see whether prolonged contact with low levels of copper would kill black algae. The results were surprising.

Cyanobacteria control will be discussed at California-Nevada water meeting

Water industry experts from two western states will meet in California’s Palm Desert this month. The California-Nevada section of the American Water Works Association (CA-NV AWWA) will hold its Annual Fall Conference at the Westin Hills Resort, Oct. 22–25. Removing toxins released into drinking water by harmful cyanobacteria blooms will be . . .