Innovative products for the water we drink, use and play in.

Solutions for our most valuable resource.

Earth Science Laboratories creates innovative water treatment products for municipal, agricultural and recreational use. These include well known and respected products such as EarthTec®, QZ, AgriTec®, PristineBlue® and AlgaeShield®.  EarthTec improves water quality for both municipal and industrial uses. EarthTec QZ is a solution to the increasing problem of invasive species such as zebra mussels. AgriTec controls bacteria and nuisance species in aquaculture and agriculture. PristineBlue is a residential pool and spa care system that is effective, affordable and easy. The Specialty Chemicals line, featuring AlgaeShield, treats the most challenging pool and spa water issues.

Clean Water for the Planet®


Algae and invasive species control in reservoirs,
lakes, water treatment plants and more.


Advanced treatment products
for pool and spa care.

AgriCultural products

Water treatment, nuisance species control and micronutrients for agriculture and aquaculture.

Latest News

Zebra Mussel Control a Hot Topic in Alabama and Mississippi

The Mississippi River is a zebra mussel highway. The mighty river has carried the invasive mussels from the Great Lakes to the Gulf states. Its tributaries have brought zebra mussels east and west. This month, water treatment experts from two southern states will learn how to stop the tiny invaders.

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