Controlling zebra mussels a priority at national conference in Pennsylvania

Controlling zebra mussels to prevent inland spread and reduce environmental impact will be a key topic at upcoming national water conference.

PHILADELPHIA – Like other Great Lakes states, Pennsylvania is monitoring the spread of zebra mussels. Most zebra mussel infestations have occurred in the northern and western areas of the state, but the 2016 discovery of an established colony in the Susquehanna River near the southeastern border is cause for concern. Zebra mussel colonies can clog the intake pipes and equipment at water treatment plants and other industrial facilities.

Young zebra mussels, called veligers, can survive for up to a month in small pools of water on boats, whose owners may then unwittingly transport to other bodies of water. Controlling the spread of these invasive species will be a key topic at the upcoming national ACE water conference in Philadelphia June 11­-14, presented by the American Water Works Association. The theme of the conference is Uniting the World of Water.

“In a purely physical sense the world of water is already interconnected,” said David Carrington, Business Manager at Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. “Those connections can quickly spread invasive species such as zebra mussels, which pose specific problems for water treatment plants and other facilities.” Carrington should know. In his role with the company he consults daily with water treatment professionals experiencing the costly effects of zebra mussels.

Representatives of Earth Science Laboratories will attend the ACE conference to provide information on specific programs and products such as EarthTec® QZ for the eradication and control of zebra mussels. The team will be available to discuss the newly launched Zebra Mussel Emergency Response Program.

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EarthTec QZ is EPA registered molluscicide for controlling zebra mussels. It is NSF Certified to Standard 60 as an additive to drinking water. Visit where you can learn more about the Zebra Mussel Emergency Response Program.