Free game launches to encourage lake appreciation

In honor of Lakes Appreciation Month, NALMS and Earth Science Labs have created a simple game to stir awareness, curiosity and enjoyment of our national lakes.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – July is Lakes Appreciation Month. The annual event highlights the importance of lakes for drinking water, recreation, and wildlife. It’s a reminder to pause and appreciate this most valuable resource. Arkansas-based Earth Science Laboratories has partnered with NALMS in celebrating the event by launching a Lakes Appreciation game.

The bingo-style game encourages nature-lovers, organizations and families to visit and learn about lakes. Each square features an activity that promotes knowledge or enjoyment of lakes. The back of the gamesheet has a coloring page for children that includes interesting lake facts provided by the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS).

“Games are a great way to bring fun and learning together,” said ESL Marketing Manager, Amy Patton. “Everyone knows how to play bingo, so we created an eco-active lakes version that can be used year-around. For this project we’ve partnered with NALMS, an excellent organization that brings people together to protect lakes.”

Patton hopes that the game will be shared and downloaded as much as possible to increase awareness of lakes and their issues. To download a copy visit Large supplies of printed gamesheets are also available for non-profit organizations and educators while supplies last. To obtain copies simply contact the company from their website.

ESL encourages everyone to increase awareness by tweeting photos of their completed sheet, lakes or activities to @EarthSciLabs and @NALMSTweets with the hashtag #LakesAppreciation.

More information on Lakes Appreciation Month is available on the NALMS website:

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