Quagga mussel and algae control important topics at Arizona water conference

Arizona water experts will meet in Phoenix this week to discuss killing quagga mussels and controlling harmful algal blooms.

PHOENIX – Tiny invaders are lurking in Arizona’s reservoirs. Quagga mussels only grow to the size of a thumbnail, but they breed in vast numbers. Controlling these miniature hordes will be an important topic when the Arizona Water Association convenes its annual conference in Phoenix this week.

Arizona is already struggling to contain the spread of quagga mussels. A February progress report by the federal Department of the Interior states that existing efforts are insufficient. While state, local and tribal officials review the problem, hydropower facilities and water treatment plants are looking for a cost-effective way to kill quagga mussels.

“Quagga mussels breed prolifically,” said David Carrington, Business Manager at Earth Science Laboratories (ESL). “They often form large colonies that restrict the flow of water through debris screens and pipelines. Controlling quagga mussels in critical infrastructure should be an essential part of any containment strategy.”

Carrington added that the breeding season for quagga mussels is longer in warmer regions such as the Southwest. More quaggas can spell added trouble for water treatment plants that struggle with harmful algae blooms. Some evidence suggests that quagga mussels feed on algal populations that benefit the environment but not on harmful species such as cyanobacteria.

One solution to this double threat is a product called EarthTec® QZ. According to Carrington, EarthTec QZ contains a unique, liquid-copper formula that kills quagga mussels and cyanobacteria. It disperses rapidly and leaves no residue or disinfection by-products. This makes it ideal for hydropower facilities and water treatment plants.

ESL will send a representative to the Arizona Water Convention to discuss EarthTec QZ. The team will also be on hand to discuss ESL’s Zebra Mussel Emergency Response Program and

Cyanobacteria Rapid Response Team. These programs offer free onsite consultation and installation services to water treatment plants and other critical facilities. The zebra mussel program also kills quagga mussels.

More information on the Arizona Water Conference and Exposition is available at http://www.cvent.com/events/91st-annual-az-water-conference-exhibition/event-summary-f6dd9a5e7d074edb8e235f10764492b9.aspx.

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. manufactures advanced water treatment products. EarthTec QZ is EPA registered and approved for use in open waters and in pipelines. It is NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60 for use in drinking water. More information is available at earthtecqz.com.