AgriTec approved for organic crop production

Earth Science Laboratories’ versatile crop protection product listed for use on organic and conventional crops.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Earth Science Laboratories (ESL) has received an Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) listing for AgriTec® algaecide/bactericide. The listing approves AgriTec for use in organic crop production. AgriTec controls algae, bacteria and aquatic pests in organic and conventional crops.

AgriTec works by dispensing high performance copper that stays in solution without sinking. It disperses rapidly with no mixing or pre-testing. This allows growers to easily apply concentrated doses for disease prevention and maintenance.

“AgriTec is the next evolution of copper,” said Tim Ford, Business Manager of ESL’s Commercial/Agricultural Water Division. “It is versatile, easy to use and made in the U.S.A. We’re very proud to be OMRI® listed.”

ESL manufactures AgriTec wholly in the U.S. at its plant in Holden, Neb. The Arkansas-based company has created respected water treatment products for over 20 years. Ford joined the company in 2017. He is currently working with crop consultants, scientists, distributors and growers throughout the country to expand the ESL agricultural market through research and development opportunities.

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. manufactures AgriTec for use in agricultural water systems such as irrigation and commercial aquaculture. AgriTec is EPA approved and OMRI® listed for organic use. Visit for more information.